This Gorgeous Mercury Spacecraft Lamp Could Orbit Your Dining Table

The designers at Raumfieber claim their beautiful Mercury orbiter spacecraft lamp was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of John Glenn being the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth. But it was probably actually created to drive space exploration fans crazy with desire.

Made from precision-cut PVC sheets, the lamp measures almost 16 inches across at its base, so chandelier might be a better description. And if you've faithfully kept up with NASA's ongoing missions over the years (and even shed a tear at the shuttles being retired) you'd probably be happy to have this hanging over your dining room table or living room foyer. It appears to be available in a black or white finish as a custom order from Raumfieber, which usually means it will probably also come with an astronomical price tag.


[Raumfieber via The Fancy]

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