This Hodor figurine unfortunately does not come with Hodor sound effects

Gods be good, this figure would be a million times better if it just came with a button in the base that you could press to get it to loudly exclaim 'HODOR!'.

Announced at NYCC, Dark Horses latest figurine/statue in its Game of Thrones line - which will also feature this delightful Joffrey toy - is a two-for-one, giving us both Bran Stark and his giant, lumbering and yet completely loveable companion Hodor.


The figure will stand at around 9" tall, towering over the rest of the 7"-scaled figurines in the line - but will also come at an almost doubled price compared to usual, as well, coming in at $40. Consider it a plastic-Bran tax, if you will.

Bran and Hodor will be out in April of next year, alongside figures of Littlefinger, Tywin Lannister and the previously mentioned Joffrey. Now to wait to see when Hodor will show up in Funko's articulated Game of Thrones figure line...


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