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This Insane Interactive Album Shows You Every Single Note

Illustration for article titled This Insane Interactive Album Shows You Every Single Note

Electronic music duo George and Jonathan dropped their new record, III, overnight in the form of an interactive website that shows you a visualization of every single note that's played on the record. It's hypnotic.


Most of the record plays as a 3D viz of what seems to be the entire timeline of each song as it would appear in music production software. Each line represents the cascade of notes played by each of the different MIDI instruments in a song. That's mostly how it looks, but there's also some bonkers (and awesome) stuff that's harder to explain.

The WebGL application lets you rotate the perspective you're viewing the visualization from 360 degrees, so you can view the notes coming straight at you or disappearing into the horizon, depending on your preference. And then Track 3, "Puppy Love," gets its own treatment: The entire song played in dogs popping out of your screen like a whack-a-mole game on methamphetamine.


The music sounds like video game music made by two dudes tweaking out on black beauties. It's all free, but if you like it, why not support the George and Jonathan by purchasing the record on Bandcamp or iTunes. [George and Jonathan]

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For some reason makes me want to re-download Audiosurf...