Sure, a charcoal grill or a barbecue pit can roast some delicious meat but if you want to up the insane level, I'm not sure anything can top this: a wall of fire made from 30 steel drums welded together. It's like barbecuing with dragon fire or a volcano or a never ending bomb explosion. And it looks awesome.

Chef Steps shows the whole process of making the wall of fire in the video below and also has the full write up of the crazy project here. It's fun to hear how they fired up the wall:

To light the fire, Chris donned his fire-resistant suit and used a 500,000 btu torch to ignite 3.5 cords of wood and 3,000 pounds of charcoal drenched with lighter fluid. It was quite a sight to see.


The video doesn't show the wall of fire until like the 1:45 mark but there's so much food porn in there that I hardly noticed. Read more about the impressive fire wall here.

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