This Is a Hot Deal on a Cool Nest Thermostat

The humble thermostat isn't the hottest gadget category, but the Nest thermostat has the right combination of attractive interface and smartphone integration to actually be lust-worthy. Instead of pokey up and down buttons, the Nest shows you the current temperature on an aluminum dial and glows either blue or red if it's currently heating or cooling your home. After a week of manually setting the temperature, the Nest learns your schedule and starts to control your home temperature on its own. Plus, you can control it from your computer or smartphone.

Although there's a second-generation Nest thermostat, the first-gen still has most of the same functionality, and Amazon's running a great sale today. Today's Gold Box deal is the first-gen Nest for $179, which is over 25% off the list price. Although we've seen refurbished first-gen Nest thermostats for $200, these are new, which makes this a super deal. First, make sure it works with your heating system, then pick it up. Boom — your house just got a little smarter. [Amazon]

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