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Remember the trials and tribulations of assembling your Airfix planes as a kid? Wouldn't it have been better if there was a more tangible reward at the end of it all, like, I don't know, chocolate? Well, soon there might be.


Dreamt up by Robert Cooper as a design school project , this is effectively an Airfix model but in edible form: chocolate filled shapes that can be cracked from a wafer sheet, then assembled to form an airplane. It's made possible by some fairly advance confectionary processing.

A wafer shell is made in two halves, formed over a mould, and then stamped out and pumped with chocolate, which glues them in place. That fits the project brief from Cadbury—to design an "innovative chocolate product"—rather well, as Cooper grandly explains:

"The result is a product that uses hollow-wafer technology to its full potential, and creates a mess-free moment of Cadbury's escapism that crosses generations, cultures and languages."


In fact, Cooper has designed four packs—which create a plane, a car, a horse or a dinosaur—and an augmented reality app which allows children to play with them using their smartphones and tablets, too. We hope this catches the eyes of Cadbury—but for our own sakes, not the children's. [Dezeen]

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