This Is Apple's Steve Jobs Tribute

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For the past two weeks, Apple has been collecting messages to and about Steve Jobs at The most moving of those can now be seen on a simple, scrolling page at You can still send a message if you haven't already, or read through the rest of the world's farewells. [Apple via GigaOm]


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I opened up the website and the first tribute I saw was this one:

The lost of a great leader!

The whole world has lost a great leader. A unique person, a true genius who was on a par with men like Einstein and Da Vinci! He will never be replaced by anyone... But we know that wherever he goes, he will truly make that place a better place as he did in our world! The world is better today because of him.


Seriously? On par with Einstein and Da Vinci? The fact that this was hand-picked out of a bunch of other tributes leads me to believe someone at Apple endorses the fact that Steve Jobs was on par with Einstein and Da Vinci. I'm not even going to point out arguments about how completely fucking ridiculous this is, considering it should be quite obvious to everyone.

For fuck's sake, it's not like he invented the theory of the computer, built the first one or even did anything remotely close to that. He was a CEO, albeit one of the best, he's obviously far from being on par with some of humanity's greatest minds.