This Is How Thieves Will Snatch Your Phone On the Train

You already know that smartphone theft is becoming super common. This is exactly how it happens.


This robbery happened on a subway in Hungary a few days ago. Apparently the thief there was being filmed because he was acting a little weird, and the camera-person thought there might be some funny business ahead. Unfortunately, the instinct was correct. It's incredibly suspenseful, even when you know what's going to happen, and dirty rotten thievery aside, the dude has his timing down.

Fortunately, the video got popular in Hungary, and the thief was caught. Nonetheless, it just goes to show how quick something like this can happen, and how powerless you can be to stop it if the robber knows what he's doing. Keep your eyes open and hold on tight. You wouldn't want this to happen to you. [YouTube via Reddit]



This happened to me as well on BART (public transportation-train in Northern California). It was my fault. I had just gotten my new phone and I was busy playing a game. A group of black teens took it from me and ran out. No one was caught. Now I always avoid blacks, as acts like this just confirmed the stereotype. Police said that it was very common but they "were powerless to do anything." Blacks need to be given a better education and their culture needs to stop promoting sports above anything else. This isn't a race issue, it's one of socio-economic failures by their culture in this country.