Amplify, which is an educational wing of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, has just announced that it's launching a $300 Android tablet for use in schools.

The New York Times reports that the 10-inch device will be officially rolled out at SXSWedu later today. But we already know that a Wi-Fi-only model will cost $300, plus $100 for a two-year subscription to the educational services it provides. There will also be a 4G version for $350—for kids without Wi-Fi at home.


The tablets are essentially a portal into Amplify's pre-existing "blended learning" program—a mash-up of tech and traditional teaching, which is already available for use by schools on other tablets. The resources are written by former teachers, and the tablets are even capable of telling children to look at their teacher when they start goofing around.

As ever, the big question here is whether schools can really afford this kind of tech. Amplify claims that schools should be able to finance this kind of thing via the Education Department's Race to the Top grant program—but it remains to be seen if that's really the case. [New York Times via Verge]

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