This Is the Photo of the Summer

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It’s been a rough summer so far. Shootings of civilians by police have caused Americans to ask how much more we can take. And a sniper’s massacre of police officers in Dallas has put law enforcement on edge. But there have also been a few moments of levity, like when people recently discovered going outside while playing Pokemon Go this weekend.

Those two worlds of shittiness and hope collided with this photo:


Twitter user Eric Hu tweeted out this photo showing someone playing Pokemon Go in front of a line of riot police, presumably during recent protests over police killings of civilians. The photo is geotagged from Queens, New York but it hasn’t been independently confirmed that the photo was taken there.

Either way, the photo does seem to capture the general lunacy of living in 2016. Welcome to the future, I guess. For better, and certainly for worse.


Update, July 11, 5:31pm: While it’s still not clear who took the photo, it appears that the image is from Oakland. The person playing Pokemon Go is Twitter user Teagan: