This is Way Better than a Treehouse

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No matter where you are on this planet, you will find throngs of people longing to get loaded—and they will often go to great lengths to do it. Case in point is this bar built inside a 72ft Baobab tree in Limpopo, South Africa. When Baobab trees reach 1,000 years old they begin to hollow naturally. This particular tree is around 6,000 years old and the hollow is big enough to hold 15 people comfortably (or 54 people very uncomfortably as they discovered a few years ago).

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As you might imagine, the bar has attracted quite a bit of attention over the years despite its remote location. It now serves more than 7,000 visitors from all over the world annually. [Daily Mail via Neatorama]

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from wiki. . .

"Baobab is the common name of a genus (Adansonia) containing eight species of trees, native to Madagascar (the centre of diversity, with six species), mainland Africa and Australia (one species in each). The mainland African species also occurs on Madagascar, but it is not a native of that country. Other common names include boab, boaboa, bottle tree and monkey bread tree. The species reach heights of between 5-25 m (exceptionally 30 m) tall, and up to 7 m (exceptionally 11 m) in trunk diameter. They are noted for storing water inside the swollen trunk, with the capacity to store up to 120,000 litres of water to endure the harsh drought conditions particular to each region.[1] All occur in seasonally arid areas, and are deciduous, shedding their leaves during the dry season. Some are reputed to be many thousands of years old, though as the wood does not produce annual growth rings, this is impossible to verify; few botanists give any credence to these claims of extreme age, with current evidence suggesting they rarely exceed 400 years old. . ."