This Is What It Looks Like When You Print iPhone Photos the Old Fashioned Way

This photograph by Adam Rhoades looks like a haphazardly developed still pulled from a 1950's snuff film. But it's not that at all. It was taken from an iPhone and printed using an old-fashioned photo enlarger.

Rhoades developed a "Digital Darkroom" technique for funneling the light from iPhone's display to through an enlarger and using it to expose photosensitive paper. From there, he simply developed the photos using chemicals—the way photos were developed in the decades before digital photography took over. As Rhoades points out the vignetting on the photographs is caused by the limitations of his method, which allows light to leak from around the edges of the phone. Rhoades also claims something we'd never heard before: the center of the iPhone is brighter than the edges. The resulting images look like they were developed in a time when photography techniques were still rudimentary. If nothing else, Rhoades' method is a refreshing counterpoint to the de rigueuer crudeness of smartphone photography. [Adam Rhoades via Peta Pixel via Cult of Mac]


Images used with permission of Adam Rhoades

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