This Is What It Looks Like When Your Plane Catches on Fire

Image: Douglas Yew/Imgur
Image: Douglas Yew/Imgur

Warning: If you already have a fear of flying, just sit this one out. At 2:25am Monday local time, Singapore Airlines flight SQ368 took off for Milan, only to turn around hours later due to engine oil warning, according to the airline. But as soon as the plane touched down at Changi Airport in Singapore, passengers were greeted with this hellish scenario:

Here’s another view from the tarmac:


As Reuters reports, the plane caught fire after landing. Luckily, airport crews contained the blaze to just the right wing, and all passengers and crew aboard the plane were safely evacuated. The fire was reportedly extinguished within minutes.




Can I ask a simple question?

Is your life worth grabbing video of an event like this ?

The entire wing is engulfed in flames & this clown is standing there shooting video like it is some sort of family at the picnic. Had the fuel tanks ruptured from overpressure that fire would have expanded rapidly to where they were standing. You can hear people in the background chatting away as well.

Also note the plane is at a stop on the tarmac. Why didn’t the flight crew evacuate the plane while it WAS ON FIRE ?

If it were me, the overwing exit door on the opposite side would have been gone & me with it.