This Isn't A Drawing Of The Silver Surfer. It's A Photo Of A Real Guy.

Holy crap. There's no artist credit for the drawing above, because it isn't a drawing of Marvel's Silver Surfer at all - it's an actual person, painted to look like him. How amazing is that?

There might not be an artist's credit for a drawing, but the credit for this incredible photoshoot goes to the fabulous Cris Alex, a hollywood makeup effects artist who's worked on the likes of X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Cris painted a male model with body paint and then used strong lighting to create the flattening effect of making him actually look like he's straight from the pages of a comic book - more specifically, the Ron Lim cover of Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #20. Here's Lim's original cover:


And here's Alex's recreation, complete with a surfboard and rock she constructed out of foam core:

I mean wow. My ghast is well and truly flabbered. What an incredible piece of work!

There's more images of the photoshoot at the link below, but you should also check out Alex's 'Surfer Selfies' showing some behind the scenes pictures of her project. It's well worth a look.


[ via Comicbook]

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