Sure, there's being a fan of the Marvel movies — watching them all, going to midnight screenings, buying the merch, reading the comics — and then there's decking your house out with wall-spanning prints and giant logos. That's like, Coulson-levels of fanboying right there.

The job was taken on by Absolook Interior Design, who took it on as a private comission — and they certainly spared no expense in Avenger-ifying the living crap out of the place. The living room TV is mounted upon a SHIELD logo, surrounded by canvases of each primary Avenger, the bedroom is Iron Man themed complete with two Arc-reactor logos and Tony Stark himself watching over you from above the bed.


The dining area features not only a giant print of the team from The Avengers of the entire team, but also a floor-to-ceiling Avengers emblem that doubles up as both the world's most impractical bookshelf and the world's most impractical mirror. All this branding is so on point that Tony Stark himself would probably be dabbing away his joyous tears with a few banknotes once he laid his eyes on this place though.

My particular favourite though? The Hulk-themed Kitchen.


Sure, the print of the Hulk busting out of the wall — presumably he's rather peckish, considering it's the kitchen he's smashing into — is great, but it's the green-tinted cupboards that sell it for me. It's probably saying something that bright green cupboards are the least on-the-nose thing about this, but there we go.

[via Shortlist]

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