This Michael Keaton Batman Statue Can Do The Impossible: Turn His Head

An oft-repeated story about Michael Keaton's Batman outfit was that it was impossible for the actor to turn his head thanks to the tough cowl, necessitating a 'turn with your body' style of movement that defined the actor's portrayal. But in statue form, it seems being able to turn his head is much easier!

Another in the line of Sideshow's 'Premium Format' statues — where clothes are made with actual materials and worn over a resin statue, rather than merely sculpted directly into the resin — this figure based on the 1989 movie depicts the dark knight in quarter scale (so he's a lofty 26.5" tall!) brooding as he descends the stairs into the Batcave.


(Ah, the good ol' "Apple for scale", a hallmark of Sideshow promo pictures.)

But man, that is way too much head-turn for Keaton Batman. It's much easier to sculpt that sort of range of movement in a statue that obviously doesn't need to be constrained by reality, but at the same time, Keaton Batman was largely defined by his bulging eyes turning this way and that, and the slightly hilarious need to turn his entire torso just to look at something that's not within his field of view. Embrace the torso turn, Sideshow!

The Premium Formant 1989 Batman is out now, and can be yours for a head-turning price of $440.

[via Toy News International]

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