This Might Just Be The Most Ridiculous Personal Watercraft Yet

Any 'personal watercraft' is almost certain to be a playboy toy, and this might just be the most playboy-toyish of them all: a $19,000 electric hydrofoiling experience for two.

Last time we checked in with the Quadrofoil, it was just a twinkling prototype in the eyes of its Slovenian inventors. Now, it's a fully-fledged thing that you can actually buy, assuming, of course, that you have $18,700 in readies (or $28,000 for the limited edition).

What do you get for the price of a decent used car? A 16 knot top speed, 100km range, touchscreen controls and leather seats, all powered by a 10kWh battery and corresponding electric motor. The Quadrofoil's main selling point over a jet ski is the refined ride — those hydrofoils should ensure a smooth, bump-free ride that also keeps your hair immaculately coiffed.


Of course, there are still a few questions left unadressed by the (otherwise excellent) YouTube ad — like if it would work on anything but a mirror-smooth lake, or how you dock with those hydrofoils on the side, or if your girlfriend will really just sit happily in the back seat, rather than murdering you for spending the college fund on a boat with a hole in the side. [Quadrofoil]

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For the non-nautical reader, 16 knots is 18.5 miles per hour. Jet Skis do 50 mph at least, many do 60-80; the record is over 100. This thing is the paddle-boat of personal watercraft. I guess the attraction is the hydrofoils. And the blond if she's standard equipment.