This music video is the collective subconscious of the internet

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First, watch that music video (titled "Starship Baconprise") above. Don't read anything beyond the next sentence. Just let it soak in.

Finished? Good. Now that you're wondering what the hell you just watched — Frankenstein dining with F. Scott Fitzgerald and whatnot — know that this music video represented a magnificently deranged community art project by the folks at Something Awful. Here's what exactly happened:

A good way to establish yourself on the Something Awful forums is to promise your peers that you will animate their bizarre scenarios. Of course, if you are unable to do so successfully, you have established yourself as a dishonest failure! But bold newcomer I Love Badgers, who brazenly solicited ideas after just five days on the forums, converted the suggestions into a two-and-a-half-minute YouTube video, and it's, um, really something.


You can find a full list of image suggestions — starting with "a sentient hypercube gets caught in a vacuum and is turned inside out" — here. Hat tip to Syafiqjabar of Mars.