What if Tony Stark became Iron Man while he was still a toddler? Well, while we don’t have a Marvel Babies cartoon show to answer that question (somehow!), this new toy gives us a little glimpse at such a scenario. The cutest widdle billionare superhero there is!

The latest figure in Beast Kingdom’s “Egg Attack Action” toys (which include this equally adorable Spider-Man) is based on Iron Man’s Mk 43 suit from Age of Ultron, and despite looking like a tiny armoured baby, he’s a fully poseable little dude, letting you pose him ready to blast off a few repulsor shots or take to the air. Iron Baby is already a little reckless, but flying Iron Baby? Oh dear.

The figure, about 6 inches tall, has light up elements in the chest and helmet, and special effects pieces to attach to the hands and feet for rocket boosters or repulsor blasts., as well as a stand to hold the little guy in a variety of poses.


Sadly, the only adult-sized thing about this figure is its price tag — when it releases later this year, it’ll set you back a pretty hefty $85.

[via Toy-People]

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