This New Illustrated Edition of American Gods Is Simply Heavenly

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Sandman artist Dave McKean has once again lent his talents to Neil Gaiman’s iconic works, illustrating a new edition of Gaiman’s supernatural novel American Gods, and it simply has to be seen to be believed.

The Folio Society is releasing a new collector’s edition of American Gods to conjunction with the upcoming show on Starz, which includes illustrations from Gaiman’s frequent collaborator. For this latest edition, McKean has created 12 illustrations, including three double-page spreads. According to the press release, the pieces on the binding and slipcase are designed to mirror each other, capturing the “uneasy relationship between the real and the unreal.” It’s no surprise McKean would choose this as a theme, since duality is often expressed in his work... including in his and Gaiman’s 2005 film MirrorMask. Here are a few samples from the book. They’re so pretty.


The illustrated edition of American Gods is available to order here and costs $120, so it’s definitely something for the more serious book collector. However, for those who might be pulling their collars at the moment, the Folio Society is giving away five copies signed by McKean himself. American Gods premieres on Starz April 30.