This One-Piece Rain Suit Lets you Pedal Through the Most Torrential Rains

Who decided babies should have all the fun when it comes to onesies? Certainly not Smart Products. Its one-piece Bikesuit offers head to toe rain protection in the form of waterproof, breathable polyester. Come at me, Poseidon!


From the adjustable hood to the built-in toe covers, the Bikesuit was built for cycling from the ground up. Other nice features include ankle straps to keep the pantlegs from getting caught in the drivetrain and 3M reflective patches so you can be seen even when biking at night. It's also got zippered armpit venting and wind tunnels stretching across the shoulders so you don't overheat and sweat into all your clothes. Because what good is rain protection if you're just getting soaked in sweat instead?

If biking isn't your thing, just rip off the reflectors, cinch up the hood, and you've got yourself a badass, waterproof ninja suit. It's available now for around $300. [Smart Products via Gearcaster]

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Andy "What?" M-S

When someone tells you it's breathable? Don't believe them.

The best raingear on a bike is a raincape and shorts and sandals (and fenders on the bike). Bright yellow is best. Second best is a jacket and shorts. Then a jacket and rain pants. And boots. Notice that we're progressing to more coverage—that's because when it's warm and wet, the cape, shorts, and sandals do the job. When it's cold and wet, you need more coverage. But a onsie? I can't believe it would breath enough for the kind of riding I do and in the places I do it.