This Pneumatic Cannon Prank Is Just Brutal

This video shows that, when you work in a laboratory, inoffensive office pranks can turn into brutal weapons of selective destruction and contusion. Like this insane pneumatic cannon. This is how they say they did it:

These guys—including the victim—have been breathing weird gases for too long. Or maybe the whole thing is a prank on us, and this is a very clever CGI. Either way, I bow to their ingenuity and skill and their weird gas inhalation powers.


Not a fake.

Hear me out.

1) The door opens instantly.

Yes, because of the absurd pressure wave that just struck it.

2) The door does not rebound.

Yes. Note the automatic closer attached to the top of the door? That mechanism was broken by being opened so forcefully, wedging it. If the door had been opened in any other way it would have slowly closed.

3) His hands and legs disappear!

Yes, so does his head, and most of his body. The camera they were using to film was not exactly high end. It was likely recording in 30 fps. The motion blur is perfectly in keeping with what we witnessed.

In fact, if you freeze frame throughout his acceleration, you can watch his head, hands, and body slowly progress from being entirely visible to blurred into the background. There is no hard change over. Rip the video and go frame by frame, the transition is smooth.

4) That force would have killed him!

No, it wouldn't. The footage looks exactly like what happens when you record magnetic roller coaster launches. Though I bet when he smacked into the lockers it hurt, a lot.

5) But....

No. Stop being such a cynic. Not everything on the internet is fake.

Point in case, look at the debris thrown with the blast. The papers have perfect continuity from where we can plainly see the victim to where he's blurred and beyond. They remain visible because they have such a low terminal velocity and are kept from moving as quickly by the turbulent eddies. That would have been incredibly difficult to replicate.