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This Raptor Puppet Is a Cute Little Terror That Seems Alive

Our favorite puppeteer Barnaby Dixon is back with a kickass puppet raptor that packs so many moves that it totally feels like it has its own mind. The tail wags back and forth independently, the mouth opens and closes with ferocity, and the body and arms move as naturally as anything you’ve seen in Jurassic Park.


But because it’s a puppet and not a killing machine dino, Dixon is able to control it and give it its own personality. In this case, he makes the tiny raptor act more like a dog which makes it so darn cute. Just watch the walkthrough of all its movements, it’s just adorable:

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What a terrific little creature, realistic yes, but agile and charming—watching him work small movements at all times, was kind of mesmerizing, and the vocal stuff was subtle but effective... I didn’t know this guy was Sploid’s fave Puppeteer but thanks for the clip and will explore to check out what else he has to offer.