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This robot butt is a painfully realistic video game for doctors

Illustration for article titled This robot butt is a painfully realistic video game for doctors

How do doctors become better doctors? By doing more doctor things, duh. Things like spending years at residency, doing rounds, poking synthetic cadavers and yes, practicing prostate exams on a plastic robot butt video game.


Rob Delaney tweeted out this eye-popping photo on Twitter earlier this month and Geekosystem tracked down the doctor behind the behind to find out more.


Benjamin Lok was one of the doctors involved in the project of plastic butt and gave Geekosystem some background on the prostate exam simulator. The butt has a name, it's Patrick. The doctors in training can talk to and gesture with Patrick. Patrick's butt has embedded sensors to measure the pressure and Patrick can talk about his fears. Life is but a video game.

Patrick is currently being used to train medical students at Drexel University and the University of Florida.

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The only fear I have is a cold lubricant.