This Simple Smartphone App May Just Trick People Into Thinking You Don’t Suck at Graffiti

Have you ever dreamed about impressing the people around your neighborhood with preachy Banksy-inspired graffiti? SketchAR is an augmented reality drawing app that uses a smartphone and its camera to let you trace images. And when used with a device that supports Google’s Project Tango technology, suddenly anyone can become a tagger who doesn’t suck.


The app, available for both iOS and Android, has been around for about a month. When used with a piece of paper, the user first has to draw four tiny circles around the page so that the app can accurately keep track of what it’s looking at.

But as the program’s developers demonstrate in a new video, when the app is used on a device like the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro smartphone, it lets someone trace images on a much larger canvas, like an entire wall. That’s because the device has Google’s computer vision-powered Project Tango augmented reality technology, which is smart enough to track stuff without the need for additional markers.

So in the middle of the night you can quickly make your mark before anyone catches you. Or cheat on your art school final. We’re not judging.

[YouTube via prosthetic knowledge]



I see this needing an armature to hold up the phone or ipad.