This Slow-Mo iPhone Video of a Snowstorm Will Lift Your Holiday Spirit

For all the wild creativity swirling around the internet, sometimes it's the most simple gestures that make us smile. Such is the case with this video that Nitzan Yogev shot during a snowstorm in Jerusalem. Take a look.

FStoppers reports that Yogev, a photography student, decided to go on a train ride during a blizzard, propped up his iPhone 5s against the window, and pressed record using the 120 fps slow motion feature. Slap a nice soundtrack over the footage and BOOM, a brief but magical document of a city in the snow. For me. it's even cooler knowing the backstory and imagining a regular ol' guy standing on the train holding his phone to the glass. It makes it way more enjoyable than if some studio had produced it.

As much as we decry the way technology can over-mediate our lives, sometimes the spontaneous human impulses it gives life to can warm your heart. [Youtube via Fstoppers]

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