This Fantastic Thor: Ragnarok Art is Like the Drew Struzan Poster We'll Never Get

Image: Marvel Studios/Andy Park
Image: Marvel Studios/Andy Park

Drew Struzan’s legendary movie posters are still some of the best pieces of movie art around. Getting new ones in his style is a rare thing these days—we’ll always have that Force Awakens one, at least—but seeing work inspired by Struzan’s posters just makes us long for more movies that would sell themselves with art like this.


Illustrated by Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park, these two pieces of art actually form the cover for the upcoming The Art of Thor: Ragnarok book. But honestly, as much as we love the bright, psychedelic colors of the actual posters for Ragnarok, a poster in this style would be delightful.

There’s something wonderful about the zany design work of Ragnarok—from Hela’s intricate helmet to Skurge just standing among all these fantastical characters toting matching assault rifles—rendered in this style. You can see much more of Park’s Marvel work on his Instagram.


Tommáso della Servo

At first glance I read the headline as “The Fantastic Thor” and thought “what wizardry exists that there could be such a thing?!” But yeah, looking forward to it.