This Timelapse Makes Fog Look Like the Oceans Flooding the Entire Earth

There’s not enough ice on the Earth’s polar caps to flood the entire planet should global warming turn it all into water. But sea levels will keep rising, and Danny MacRostie’s beautiful timelapse footage of fog rolling over California’s Mount Tamalpais feels like an eery sneak peek of where the world might be headed.


Hopefully you know how to swim.

[Vimeo via PetaPixel]

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I grew up within sight of Mt. Tamalpais.

I wish he hadn’t sped this up quite so much. It is stunning, but fog is amazing at standard speed as well. Watching fog spill over the saddle between two hills is an incredible sight. The colder fog hugs the hill sides and does look like water flowing.

Gods, but I need to go back and see this again with my own eyes.