This Timelapse of Dubai Is the Dubai of Timelapses

Remember when timelapses first started hitting the internet? Simple sunsets over the word's greatest cities were enough to enthrall. This over-the-top time lapse of Dubai is a perfect reflection of its very subject: opulent, excessive, awe-inducing.


Just watch this three-minute tour-de-force by timelapse professional Rob Whitworth. The amount of production, effort, and indeed, time involved is staggering.

After I watched it, the momentary euphoria of color and motion wore off and I was left feeling slightly icky. The timelapse, what was once a folk-obession of the digital age—a wondrous, if formulaic, expression of beauty through technology—has become a production of grand scale. The timelapse has evolved like every other trend and trope in visual culture. From tilt-shift to hyperlapse, it has spawned conventions and professional practitioners, arriving finally with demonstrations of excess like we see in Dubai Flow Motion.


Now excuse me while I go watch it again. [via Petapixel]

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That was extremely marvelous! I can't even imagine the amount of forethought, gear, planning & coordination required to pull this off. The blending between different sequences, timelapses, hyperlapses & Google Earth-esque flyover animations was