Frank Miller's iconic representation of Batman in his 1986 graphic novel has been a touchstone of Batman merchandise for years and years - but this new version from Mezco is definitely one of the best renditions there's been.

The bulky figure stands at about 6.5" tall, and as well as bring its imposing form, it's got a bunch of accessories and alternate hands so Batman can use his Batarangs, a grappling hook, or even the included 'weapon of the enemy' he loathes so much.


I think what I like the most about this figure is that for once, it uses fabric for Batman's suit and cape instead of just sculpting them. Usually, I can't stand cloth materials on a figure smaller than 1/6th scale, as it's usually far too big and unworkable and thus overwhelms the figure (see: every cloth Jedi robe Hasbro have ever given a Star Wars figure) - but here Mezco have done a great job with not just the cape, but the actual suit as well. It's fabric but well tailored enough that the musculature underneath still comes through effectively, while allowing for the articulation to remain free.


Lookin good, Bats!

All this loveliness doesn't come without a price though - and at $65, Mezco's Batman is pricey for a figure this size. But still, I kinda want it just to say 'Thank god you did cloth on a smaller figure and it wasn't terrible!'. It helps that it looks so good.

The Dark Knight returns in January 2015.

[Images via The Fwoosh]

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