This Video Was Taken By An iPhone 4 With A SLR Lens Attached

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This a test video captured by the iPhone 4 with a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens attached. It's pretty impressive.

The iPhone SLR Lens Mount we saw yesterday was awesome but it didn't actually work. As it was constructed, the iPhone would shoot right through the glass of the SLR lens. The guys at vid-atlantic, however, came up with a solution and have captured a rough video to showcase what an iPhone 4 with a real lens can do. It's not perfect, but it's pretty fun to see where this can go.

Attaching a SLR lens to an iPhone doesn't magically turn your iPhone into a DSLR, it just allows you to squeeze more out of your already impressive iPhone 4. We can't wait to see actual stills and more footage. [vid-atlantic]



ok, it bears saying that no matter what the aperture of the lens you put in front of it is, what matters is the lens the camera actually has, which in the case of the i4 its about f/2.5.

So by putting an adapter, and then another lens in front of that, you've basically LOST another 1.8 stops of light going into the camera. All for the ability to what? Rack focus? Get all jiggy with your DOF?


Congratulations you've spent more money adapting your phone to shoot marginal video than you'd have spent on a DSLR body that could do the same thing, only ACTUALLY have that magic f/1.8 aperture that's so sexy these days.

Hey, OWLE, want to impress me? Don't put shit in front of my lens. Just give me something that has 1/4:20 threads on the bottom and the side, so I can mount my phone to the tripod. Don't machine it out of a billet of Magnesium or Chromoly Steel, just make something functional that works and costs like maybe $40-50. Thanks.