This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Student Loan STDs

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Before you engage in risky grad school enrollment, remember that you run a high risk of contracting a student loan. And once you've come down with one of those, it's almost impossible to clean up.


If this applies to you, your partner, or you just like laughing about horrible indebtedness, full video below:


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Illustration for article titled This Weeks Top Web Comedy Video: Student Loan STDs

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I laughed so hard but cried too. I'm 24 and I never got student loans. I haven't yet gone to college, and yet I already have $30,000 in debt. None of which is from poor financial decisions. So the idea of getting student loans on top of that just seems absurd, and yet to get a job that could actually pay off my debt would require a degree...

By the way the $30,000 is from getting my Gal Bladder removed to save my life. Though my job didn't offer health insurance, I spent most of my check paying for the gas in my vehicle just to do the job, and made to much to qualify for state assisted health coverage.

Isn't life wonderful?