This Wire Brush-Weilding Robot Is Like a Roomba For Your Grill

It's never fun when it finally comes time to clean that grill. The residue has been building up for months, and you have no choice but to whip out the steel brush, pull off the grate, and literally get your hands dirty. But how about if you could get a cute little circular robot pal to do it for you? Enter Grillbot.


Much like a Roomba, the Grillbot skitters around its assigned space, cleaning up of its own accord, but unlike a Roomba, it has a trio of steel brushes really blast away at that cooking surface. Powered by a recharable battery back, the Grillbot has two settings, depending on how clean you need to get and how much time you have. And if you want to clean up right after grillin', the Grillbot can even clean up on a hot surface

These steely scrubbers aren't available quite yet, but they'll be scooting onto the scene sometime this June, just in time for peak grilling season. They retail for $70 for the base model and $100 for the premium, but so far Grillbot's been tight-lipped on what exactly makes the premium model premium. It'll have to be something good to justify shelling out that much for something that automates what, for most of us, is such an infrequent chore. But if you're a serious grill-master, this could be a great addition to the arsenal. [Gizmag]

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I have my doubts... It takes a lot of downward force to get a caked grill that clean.. Unless it weighs a lot, I think this is a purely novelty item. Another reason I'm skeptical is the video did not really show the robot in action, it was a before and after, with a little movement in between... Similar to those weight loss advertisements. Now if they put up a complete start to finish video, in a time lapse... I'd have less doubt. What they need to make is a shower cleaner..climbs the tub and shower walls... Now that would sell.