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Time Warner Cable and CBS Make Up Just in Time for NFL Season

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In a resolution that's as timely as it was expected, CBS and Time Warner Cable have kissed and made up. You'll get your Under the Dome as scheduled tonight, but more importantly, you won't miss any of your sweet professional football action.

The dispute, which began a full month ago today, had impacted Time Warner Cable customers in the populous New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles markets, among others (what up Tampa). The spat had escalated to the point that people actually considered purchasing subsidized antennas, since you don't actually need a cable subscription to get CBS, which in some ways makes this whole thing even more ridiculous in retrospect. But while there were plenty of ways to get around the blackout, it's refreshing to finally see an armistice.


And why, you ask, after a month of neither side giving any quarter, have you finally been granted casual access to your beloved NCIS reruns? Probably in celebration of Labor Day, a selfless recognition on both sides that they were depriving joy from the working man for petty reasons not worth the spit they were signed with. Nah, kidding, it's because of money. The professional football season kicks off this Thursday, and no one wants to miss out those millions and millions of dollars of advertising revenue.


Showtime has also returned, along with the Smithsonian network (they have one!). Programming will resume at 6pm ET tonight, explained the bickering behemoths in a press release from this afternoon:

CBS Corporation and Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks have reached an agreement for carriage of CBS owned stations on Time Warner Cable systems across the country, as well as Showtime Networks, CBS Sports Network and Smithsonian Channel, it was announced today by representatives for the companies. Programming on all networks will resume at 6:00 PM ET today. Though specific terms of the deal are not being disclosed, the agreement includes retransmission consent, as well as Showtime Anytime and VOD, for CBS stations on Time Warner Cable systems in New York (WCBS and WLYW), Los Angeles (KCBS and KCAL) and Dallas (KTVT and KTXA.)

Cool statement, gang. Now maybe we can get an apology? Especially to the folks who actually bought antennas? Thanks.