Titan's Doctor Who Comics Are Getting Their Own Multi-Doctor Crossover

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Doctor Who is certainly no stranger to crossover events, but now Titan Comics' series based on the show are getting in on the action too! For the first time this summer, the Twelfth, Eleventh and Tenth Doctors will come together for some time-travlling shenanigans.

Header images from Alice X. Zhang.

The crossover event will bring together three of Titan's four ongoing Doctor Who series, and in fact, supersedes the three comics: from mid-August, all three series will be replaced by the crossover comic, which will run in five weekly installments until the end of September, with the three series splitting once more by October.


Not much else is known about the storyline other than it will be penned by Paul Cornell — familiar to Who fans for his work writing Father's Day and Human Nature/Family of Blood for the revived series, but known more widely for his comics work on the likes of Captain Britain, Action Comics, and most recently Wolverine. We already know how the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors interact with each other thanks to The Day of the Doctor, but it'll be interesting to see how the curmudgeonly Twelve will deal with his previous incarnations. Expect lots of jokes about furious eyebrows, probably.

But seriously, let's be real: Why no Doctor number nine? He's got his own Titan Comic! It seems like a shame to leave him out.


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