TiVo De-lists Series3 Boxes From the Online Store

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TiVo's removed their Series3 DVR from the main shop, leaving only the TiVo Series2 at $150 and TiVo HD at $300. What's the upshot of this? To us, it seems like they're either phasing out the Series3 entirely in favor of the cheaper-to-produce TiVo HD, or they're liquidating the units for an upcoming Series4 featuring all those bad ass things we wanted. If you still adamantly want a TiVo Series3, you'll have to look elsewhere, since the entry buried deep inside the store is out of stock. [TiVo via Engadget]


Probably a bit of both, but in the short term, they want to simplify their inventory. Too bad, because the S3 is a great unit - I paid the early adopter penalty, and have been loving this unit since day 1. That said, the HD is almost as good and a lot cheaper, so it is a rational decision. I do like walking past the unit and seeing what shows it is recording.