TiVo Rewards Program Ending May 28th

TiVo is officially saying bye-bye to their rewards scheme, and any unused points must be spent by May 28, this year. To get the reward points blowout well underway, TiVo has added a few extra choices to the scheme, including a My DVR Expander drive, (28500 points); TiVo Rewards Entertainment Package (120,00 points) and a TiVo Rewards Ultimate Entertainment Package (150,000 points.) The entertainment packages will both offer TiVo HD with lifetime service and a TiVo Wireless Adapter, whilst the Ultimate package will come with a My DVR Expander drive, too. UPDATE: Looks like Dave at Zats Not Funny broke this story initially. Hit the link for his post.

TiVo Lovers, the blog responsible for breaking this story, has said a replacement rewards network is in the pipelines. It sure makes sense, and we would be totally bummed if there wasn't something in the works to commend our undying loyalty. We want rewards, dammit. [Zats Not Funny;TiVo Lovers via TiVoBlog]


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