TiVo To Go DRM Cracked

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The digital rights management (DRM) that locks up the TiVo To Go video you might want to transfer between your TiVo and PC has been cracked. Now you won't even need to use the TiVo Desktop software if you want to play back something you've recorded on your TiVo on a PC. Plus, you can do all that file transferrage on a Mac and Linux now. Neat.

So far, it's a crude command line interface, but expect it to spread far and wide with an easy to use graphical user interface before too long. Unfortunately, for those of us who've been waiting for this TiVo To Go functionality for our Series 3 HD TiVos, this could have a chilling effect. Well, maybe that will be cracked for us, too.


Ti Vo To Go [Tivo Wiki, via Zatz Not Funny]

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