Gizmodo receives a lot of mail from MP3 player-haters—more specifically iPod player-haters. They whine: "Why, oh why do you barrage us with iPod docking beds and iPod furry cases and iPod, iPod, iPod? They threaten to discontinue that expensive subscription to the Gizmodo RSS feed if the iPod-loving does not cease. So this is for all of you who have complained that Gizmodo covers the iPod too much:

Sales of black 4GB iPod nanos shot up 95 per cent, while the white version leaped 88 per cent between Friday November 25, and Saturday November 26, compared to a week earlier, according to eBay Marketplace Research, an eBay service that tracks purchasing behaviour.

Retailer Best Buy was sold out of both the white and black versions of the 4GB iPod nano through its online store.

The iPod nano was the sixth biggest-selling item on Amazon in the US.

The picture on top is from the iPod shrine building contest—check back later for today's update.


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