Toast Your Bread With Cinder Blocks and Rebar

Illustration for article titled Toast Your Bread With Cinder Blocks and Rebar

Adi Zafran made his toaster out of concrete blocks and rebar. He writes that he built it because pita bread is a staple food for him. Oh, I get it: It's like a little brick oven.


The toaster has just five components: rebar, part of a cinder block, wood, a wire, and fasteners. I'm not exactly sure how he gets the rebar hot enough to toast, but I imagine power travels through the rebar, and the resistance makes it heat up. And he seems to be in Israel, where outlets pack a 230-volt punch, which would help.

One less cheap burned out toaster headed for a landfill.


Image: Adi Zafran



I keep looking at the wood/rebar/table interface and thinking "how is this not going to end badly..." There aren't very many toasters out there made out of wood for a reason.