Today's iPad Keynote in Just 99 Seconds

Were you at Apple's "Resolutionary" (barf) event today? It's OK, neither were we—but if you watch this video and put your face close to the screen, you'll feel like you're there. All in a minute and some change.

Tim Cook! Retina Display! Prices! iPhoto! Tim Cook's navy (?) shirt! It's all here, and at warp speed. In a way, this is the greatest technological revolution of the day—and it's sure cheaper than pre-ordering a new iPad.

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Apple have lost the plot, the new iPad has no killer features apart from an improved screen and 4G that may/may not work depending on coverage. In a recessionary climate I doubt that's going to be enough to get new buyers through the door or old iPad user to upgrade. Apples only saving grace is that Microsoft have also screwed the pooch with Win 8. Maybe if the google/Linux crowd are smart they'll exploit this and get some smoking hardware with a semi sane user interface and some killer features launched ASAP

One more thing: Gizmodo must've been bought by Apple as they seem to be acting as as their biggest advertiser - how much giz pizzle did cook fiddle to get this sort of coverage? This does wonders for the few shreds of credibility Giz has as an independent tech blog