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Tonight's Stoner Channel: Samuel L. Jackson on Hulk Weed, Siri, and Latin Catchphrases

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Samuel L. Jackson on Hulk Weed

Apparently the answer to all of Nick Fury's problems is kind buds. Funny, I would have figured it'd be guns and yelling. [Marijuana]

Samuel L. Jackson Freaks Out When Siri Won't Answer His Mother F*cking Questions

That's more like it. There's the Sammy L we've all come to love (and fear).


Cops Bust 1,000-Plant Illegal Grow Operation in Oakland

Oakland PD raided what it calls a "major pot distribution site" for illicit weed late Wednesday night. They arrested 11 and confiscated a sizable cache of weapons along with more than 1,000 plants. The police say that the warehouse had been under surveillance for some time and that this operation was not a legal grow operation, which seems silly.


Doctor referrals are stupid easy to get here in California, especially in Oakland. And for cripes sake, you didn't even get raided by the Feds. You got popped by the goddamn local fuzz, I'm sure that'll go over real well on the inside. [KTVU - Image: SD Farmacy / Tahoe OG]


Samuel L. Ipsum Gives You Motherf*cking Placeholder Text, Motherf*cker!



Ghosts of Barry Mill

Check out this haunting video from Brother Sun, Sister Moon. I figured you'd need a "Lo-Fi lullaby" after all that shouting. The band is comprised of Alicia Merz from Birds of Passage and Gareth Munday of Roof Light. [BoingBoing]