Bill Cosby on Drugs

The dad everybody wishes they had dishes on the effects of popular narcotics.


This Guy Didn't Know He Shot Himself in the Head with a Nail Gun


/low hanging fruit


While this does look suspiciously like tumbling, we have been assuranced that this is indeed a new, high-flying sport aimed for the small percentage of non-obese teens in left America who will surely flock to—as soon as all the other sports cease to exist.


Man Survives Shooting Himself in the Heart with a Nail Gun (Warning: Graphic Imagery)

He shot himself in the heart while trying to unjam a nail gun. Aren't there stickers—like ON the device—that warn expressly against doing shit like this?


PA Putz Popped for Tot's Pot Phone Post

Good Role Models: Teaching your kid how to responsibly enjoy recreational drugs (and how to twist a proper blunt)


Bad Role Models: Filming your "how to bust a nug" lesson with a random two-year-old on a phone, then getting caught with said video at a traffic stop—along with 10 ounces of weed.

Guess what sort of role model 25-year-old Christopher Cordero of Farrell, PA is. [SFGate - Image: Chef / Butter Kush]