In this video, take a look at Steve Jobs making his triumphant return to Apple, announcing a partnership with Microsoft. After that, a string of Macworld announcements rocked the Mac world each year. Here's a top ten list, counting down in order of importance:

10. 2004: Final Cut Express 2, XServe G5 machines, Office 2004, iLife '04

9. 2001: Powerbook Titanium announced

8. 1998: Interim CEO Steve Jobs introduces the iMac and the PowerBook G3

7. 2005: iLife05, iWork, MacMini, iPod shuffle

6. 2000: Announces March 24 ship date for OS X, shows iTunes, G4 laptop with 15.2-inch screen


The top 5:

5. 2006: iPod Radio Remote, iLife '06, iWork '06, iMac Core Duo, MacBook Pro

4. 2003: 12- and 17-inch PowerBooks rolled out, Safari public beta

3. 2002: OS X Software, Second-gen iMac

2. 1999: Jobs drops "Interim CEO" from his title, shows Aqua interface for OS X

1. 2007: iPhone, AppleTV (formerly iTV), Beatles on iTunes