Top TVs So Far: LCD Up Top, Plasmagasm Coming

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Samsung Super High Contrast LCD TV: This one's got the best picture we've seen, with absolute blackness overcoming what was once an inherent weakness of LCDs. That 100,000:1 contrast ratio claim might not be far from the truth. Look for this in 2008.

Sharp 108-inch LCD: What's not to love about the biggest LCD ever? Well, it's not perfect, with a few mottled spots on it, but its blacks are are a pleasingly dark shade of deep gray and its 1080p-ness is big, too.


Philips 63" Plasma: Even Philips flacks agree that the best thing about this big 63" plasma display is its price at a mere $3500. Even though the model 63PF9631D is cheap, this is one has a sharp, bright picture with vivid colors. Great deal.

Panasonic Plasma TVs: Yeah, the Panny press people gave us a snoozer of a press conference, but the company can still crank out the plasmas, hanging eight 103-inchers to impress us greatly, and their video is as good as our eyes can see. Maybe saying the word "plasma" to us 1000 times sunk in.

Pioneer 60-Inch plasma: The press conference consisted of sales people reading poorly-written scripts, but they were singing the plasma song and we listened. Eventually we saw what they meant: The company's 60-inch plasma display that will ship later in the year turned out to be one of the best-looking screens we've seen thus far.

Hitachi HD1080: Shame on the Hitachians for confusing the issue of HDTV even further by inventing yet another nomenclature: HD1080. But you can't argue with the concept too much because the $2500 1280x1080 screen is looking surprisingly good and that's a rock-bottom price for a 50-inch plasma.


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There was an earlier post on the "Samsung Super High Contrast LCD TV" but it disappeared...

Anyway, it looks like they use the Brightside Technology, with an array of LED's for the backlight (so individual LED's can be dimmed/brightened according to the picture in that section of the screen). I look forward to when these come out...