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Samsung Super High Contrast LCD TV: This one's got the best picture we've seen, with absolute blackness overcoming what was once an inherent weakness of LCDs. That 100,000:1 contrast ratio claim might not be far from the truth. Look for this in 2008.

Sharp 108-inch LCD: What's not to love about the biggest LCD ever? Well, it's not perfect, with a few mottled spots on it, but its blacks are are a pleasingly dark shade of deep gray and its 1080p-ness is big, too.


Philips 63" Plasma: Even Philips flacks agree that the best thing about this big 63" plasma display is its price at a mere $3500. Even though the model 63PF9631D is cheap, this is one has a sharp, bright picture with vivid colors. Great deal.

Panasonic Plasma TVs: Yeah, the Panny press people gave us a snoozer of a press conference, but the company can still crank out the plasmas, hanging eight 103-inchers to impress us greatly, and their video is as good as our eyes can see. Maybe saying the word "plasma" to us 1000 times sunk in.


Pioneer 60-Inch plasma: The press conference consisted of sales people reading poorly-written scripts, but they were singing the plasma song and we listened. Eventually we saw what they meant: The company's 60-inch plasma display that will ship later in the year turned out to be one of the best-looking screens we've seen thus far.

Hitachi HD1080: Shame on the Hitachians for confusing the issue of HDTV even further by inventing yet another nomenclature: HD1080. But you can't argue with the concept too much because the $2500 1280x1080 screen is looking surprisingly good and that's a rock-bottom price for a 50-inch plasma.