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Tour Michael Jackson's Ultimate Mega Geek Den

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After getting a glimpse of Michael Jackson's personal arcade, I worry that I, too, may be suffering from Peter Pan syndrome.

The arcade's been posted online as a fully explorable panorama. From Crazy Taxi to Guitar Freaks to Han Solo frozen in carbonite to the 360-degree spinning Sega R360 jet fighter cabinet, Jackson amassed a daunting collection of arcade games and general geek paraphernalia—much of which was auctioned off earlier this year.


It's notable that the collection seems to be frozen in time during the mid 90s. That's right around the timeframe of Jackson's notorious $22 million molestation settlement. Though, more fairly, it's also the same era that consoles really started to cut into the arcade experience. [Pinesane via Kotaku]