Treadmills Used to Play WoW (Verdict: Even Usain Bolt Couldn't Cut It as a Blood Elf)

Most avid World of Warcraft players don't wonder too much about what it would be like to truly run as often and as far as their avatars, because a.) that sounds hard and b.) they're too busy wondering would it would be like to run at all. Nonetheless, some crafty young WoWers managed to hook up a couple of treadmills and joysticks to their computers in such a way as to simulate running across Azeroth. Even when some handicaps were programmed into the system, the (sort of) reality was clear: WoW characters are FAST.

This is a funny concept in the first place, because as anyone who has played WoW know, you do a LOT of running. Miles upon virtual miles of terrain can be covered in a short session, usually at a pretty fast clip. The guys over at went to great lengths to estimate the actual speed of their avatars, then built a surprisingly effective apparatus out of some old treadmills, bikes wheels and optical mice (for speed tracking). The results was kind of like the ultimate expression of the Wii "get involved in the game" ethos, except with 1000% more exertion and 97% less fun. Click through to see the build process and gameplay notes. [Mana Potions]



Pffft, whatev... I did the same thing with a wiimote, a homeless guy, and Trauma Center: New Blood and I don't see any articles about me...