TSA Apologizes for Being Douches About Gadgets HOORAY BLOGGERS!

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So, this new Transportation Security Administration blog is both endearing and creepy. Endearing, because it's cute when bureaucrats try to act like real people with real lives and feelings and whatnot, but creepy because of things like its subtitle: "Terrorists Evolve. Threats Evolve. Security Must Stay Ahead. You Play A Part." Anyhoo, some real bloggers, like Scott at Laughing Squid pointed out to them that at some airports, specifically San Fran's, security people were being dicks about gadgets in bags—making you pull out everything from cords to BlackBerries, not just laptops. The bloggercrats checked into it and guess what? Not kosher!


Consequently, we're treated to a triumphant little post titled HOORAY BLOGGERS!, touting bloggers' "first official impact on [the TSA's] operations." That's right, making local TSA offices follow standard agency procedure is "a win for the blogesphere" [sic, though blogosphere isn't a real word like "the," so maybe I'm being the douche now]. I'm still debating which parts of this are truly disturbing. I'll get back to you. [TSA via BoingBoing]


Broken Machine

I fly out of PHL all the time. I never had to turn on my laptop, remove any other electronics or anything. I'd think the Mint-tin ipod charger would be a free ticket to a cavity search, but I haven't even had a rescan yet.