Turkish Shepherds Use "Plug-and-Play Donkeys" To Get Online

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Turkish sheep herders often spend days out in the wilderness, completely cut off from civilization. One company has figured out a way to help them stay online and connected. All they need is a solar panel and a donkey.

Fast Company provides the details on the devices, which are marketed by Turkish solar panel company Ser-Gün:

"The shepherds have a difficult time," explains alternative energy analyst Ozgur Gurbuz. "They live far away from the cities [and] towns and the only way [for them] to socialize is to watch TV or use [computers]. Solar power serves both purposes."

Each device costs 2,800 Turkish liras ($1,320), about half of which is covered by government development funds, according to reports in the Turkish press.


But it's not just a way to allow herders to check Facebook or to play Candy Crush. Deep in the Turkish countryside, the only information generally available is provided by the government-run media. By finding new ways to get online, these solar-powered donkeys, which can produce between 5 and 7 kilowatts, are helping herders in even the most remote parts of the country gain access to a wider diversity of information sources.

BBC has more information as well, along with some video:

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