Turn a Milk Jug Into a Watering Can Without Hacking It To Bits

Shapeways seller OliveBird is slowly becoming the single best endorsement for 3D printers. First, they brilliantly upgraded the lowly button with an improved design that allows it to wrangle your headphone cords, and now they've created a similarly genius attachment that turns empty milk jugs into watering cans.


Before the Sprout became available on Shapeways for just $20 you could easily turn a plastic jug into a watering can with a few strategic holes. But the genius of the Sprout is a design that minimizes leaks. A ball valve allows the plastic jug to be easily filled without having to remove the Sprout or hack a hole in the side, while still guaranteeing a soft, gentle sprinkle for your plants. Canadians should just move along, though, as the Sprout isn't compatible with empty plastic bags. [Shapeways via Notcot]

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